Wet Shaving


When it comes to shaving, the first question that comes to our mind is, which safety razor to be used? With thousands and millions and safety razors available in market it becomes difficult for us to choose the best safety razor, but don’t worry our blog here provides the exclusive detail of what is a safety razor and which sort should be used?


The term safety razor implies a tool that is used while shaving. It is a protective device used between the blade and skin to avoid any skin injury. It reduces the chances of injuries during the shaving process, men often cut themselves during shaving and safety razors today are used to avoid this situation. Men use many types of safety razors, single edge safety razors and double edged safety razors. Single edged safety razors were first manufactured in 1878, they are not manufactured today but their blades are still being manufactured.

The most used safety razor today is the Double-Edged safety razor. Since 1901 the Gillette company’s introduction of the double-edged razor the design has not much changed. There are four types in this category too. The One-piece, two-piece, three-piece and the Butterfly heads. The most used safety razor today is the butterfly head. It opens its wings like the butterfly and you can place the blade easily in it with just a swing to the handle. It is the most reliable blade used today and with proper care they can last a very long time. It is an easy to use blade and provides you a smooth long lasting effect.

The durability of these blades often depends upon its cleaning and care. With proper care these safety razors will remain longer with you. The one piece and two piece razors are difficult to clean and the butterfly razor is an easy to clean process which is durable and effective.